• New Australian Car Charger to Dramatically Cut Costs

    3 June at 14:47 from atlas

    An Australian-developed electric vehicle charger can halve electric vehicle (EV) charging costs, a world-first, which will hopefully reduce the carbon footprint.

    As part of the Victorian Government's Electric Vehicle trial, DiUS computing delivered a demand management demonstration project using Victoria's Smart Grid. The project, which ran from June to December 2012, was the first end-to-end use of Victoria's Smart Meter infrastructure for electricity demand management.

    The ChargeIQ was the only EV charger used in the trial. Developed over three years by Australian technology company DiUS Computing, ChargeIQ is the world's first ZigBee certified EV charger with the ability to communicate with smart meters.

    ChargeIQ features smart grid integration and allows electricity companies to work with consumers to adjust charging loads. By providing drivers with enhanced visibility and control of their vehicle charging, ChargeIQ enables utilities and consumers to cooperate for real-time management of electricity demand.

    The project found that drivers could save around $250 each year - or about 50% of their charging costs - without any sacrifice or effort on their part, using grid-friendly 'smart' charging technology that will help keep electricity prices down for all consumers.

    Among other findings, the project identified opportunities to improve consumer access and confidence in the smart grid. Recommendations included promotion of smart grid innovation and improved demand management of electricity by engaging and empowering consumers.