• New ACOP for Load Lifting & Rigging

    2 January at 18:16 from atlas

    A New Approved Code of Practice comes into effect on 21 May 2013.

    This Approved Code of Practice (the Code) has been prepared by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment in conjunction with representatives of the industries and stakeholders concerned. Its purpose is to support the requirements of the Health and Safety in Employment Regulations 1995 in relation to load-lifting rigging activities.  It contains a number of diagrams and tables that are essential for safe load-lifting rigging work and chain/strop maintenance.

    The Code provides recommendations and procedures for safe practice while carrying out lifting and rigging work in industry. In an industry with inherent dangers involving lifting, this Code will assist to lift the focus on safety.

    This Code applies to all places of work at which persons such as an employer, employee, self-employed person, contractor or subcontractor has to use lifting and rigging practices in the course of their duties.  While the Code covers rigging activities on dry docks and wharves, it does not cover ships' lifting gear.

    In addition to health and safety information for the rigging industry, sections of the Code include:

    • appropriate safety factors for equipment
    • rope splices
    • fitting, sheaves and blocks
    • rigging for crane work

    This Code replaces the 4th edition of the same name (2001).

    Hard copies of the Code will be available in early 2013. Email standards@dol.govt.nz to request a copy.

    Alternatively you can download a copy at: