• Lifeguard - Supreme Winner of NZ Workplace Awards 2013

    9 June at 12:18 from atlas

    The "Lifeguard" is a segmented Roll Bar that helps give crush protection on an upturned Quad and is less likely to cause injury to the rider.This is because of it's flexible construction. It is designed to hold up a Quad in excess of 350kg and can be simply mounted to the rear carrier. Special tests by Landcorp NZ and IRL has established it does not significantly alter the stability of the Quad.2 or 3 dogs can comfortably ride inside the "Lifeguard". In fact it gives them a support to lean against which helps prevent them being thrown off.

    - Flexible but cannot collapse
    - Helps a Quad 'bounce' off you
    - NEW concept and WORLD 1st in ATV Safety
    - Spreads the weight and can support over 1200kg
    - Will mould around you in the event of a rollover
    - Makes it possible to push a Quad off from on top you
    - It's possible to wriggle out from underneath an up-turned Quad
    - ARC shape assists rolling the Quad back onto its wheels
    - Designed and Manufactured in New Zealand

    For more information go to: http://goo.gl/0AKXW