• Geofence Hazards Using the Free Flagspree App (Suitable for iOS and Android Devices)

    1 January at 08:19 from atlas

    Flagspree is a free mobile app that takes hazard reporting to a whole new level. Flagspree allows people to interact and report hazards and incidents in real time on any smartphone.

    Flags are dropped onto a map indicating the hazard/incident and a boundary drawn around the flag which once entered send off an alarm to alert the person about the potential danger.

    The message can be public (alerting everyone) or private (sent to a group of selected people) making it social or private.

    When you create a flag, you determine when and where it will appear and the message you want the flag to contain which includes text, images, audio and video based options. 

    Flagspree runs in the background and minimizes the amount of time your GPS needs to be active (which saves cellphone battery life) and you can determine the proximity and frequency with which the app checks the location

    There is no limit to the number of flags or people that can be added or alerted.

    Flagspree can be used anywhere in the world but is especially useful in remote regions where hazards can be plotted, tracked and closed out by the workers e.g. electrical transmission crews

    For more info go to: http://goo.gl/zlX3Vj