• AKLD BBSL Master Class - Report

    23 December at 06:10 from atlas

    The public Belief Based Safety Leadership™ (BBSL) program conducted in Auckland New Zealand on 2-3 December 2014 was attended by representatives from the following companies and local government organisations: 

    -   Beca Group Ltd 

    -   EIS 

    -   Electrix 

    -   Fonterra 

    -   Go Bus 

    -   Hawker Infrastructure 

    -   Ravensdown 

    -   Schneider Electric 

    -   Tauranga City Council 

    -   Waikato Regional Council 

    Quantitative and Qualitative Responses  

    12 written responses received. 

    To the question 'Did you feel that the program was relevant? 

                                                  Yes           No 

    Personal?                              12               0                

    Family?                                   11              1                

    Work?                                     12               0                

    Overall Rating 

    100% of Respondents rated the program 4.0/5.0 or above. 

    Average score 4.9/5.0 comprising:    

    11@5.0/5.0  1@4.0/5.0            

    To the question 'What are some of the issues within your organisation that you could see Belief Based Safety Leadership helping to address?  

    -   New Legislation introduction 

    -   Non alignment of Divisions and Regions, The disconnection from the company beliefs, values and vision 

    -   Negativity, Lack of respect for others, Not working together 

    -   Establishing a positive safety culture 

    -   Safety culture and general performance culture 

    -   Cultural engagement 

    -   Leadership styles; Organisational self talk 

    -   Focus on outcomes rather than compliance 

    -   Cognitive dissonance between the words and the actions we are    experiencing 

    -   Behavioural - failure to adhere to standards 

    -   Identification of problems, Sharing information, Know and understand    shared vision and goals 

    To the question 'If everyone within your organisation were to attend this program what benefits would you expect to observe?' 

    -   Transformational in terms of beliefs, behaviours and performance outcomes 

    -   Higher performance,  Team culture 

    -   A corporate alignment of (the) BEHAVE (model) 

    -   Uplift morale, individual ownership and accountability 

    -   Alignment (2) and positivity 

    -   Similar direction-agreed standards and values 

    -   Improved self talk, Self Belief, Great problem solvers, An organisation of awareness 

    -   Better H&S and commercial outcomes 

    -   Common thought processes and a refocus on the positive and not the negative 

    To the question 'What are your general impressions of the program?' 

    -   Fantastic - simple and profound way of engaging people in a cultural safety system -  Game breaker 

    -   A complex and wide area that was explained simply and provided real tools to develop me personally and professionally 

    -   Very helpful personally and professionally 

    -   Very easy to comprehend 

    -   Amazing  

    -   Fantastic because you can apply it to every facet of your life 

    -   Great 

    -   Stunning - wouldn't it be fantastic to teach this as part of our education system? 

    -   Well-presented.  Clear and plenty of opportunity for input. 

    -   Excellent; Very reflective 

    -   Excellent 

    To the question 'Which concepts in the program had the greatest impact on you?'  

    -   Beliefs being articulated clearly in visionary  statements - 'Present tense',  Impact of self image, self esteem and self talk on performance, People's potential is limitless - don't limit it through your expectations and scotomas  

    -   Seeing people's potential rather than current perceived experience, cutting negative self talk, Seeing connection from people to performance 

    -   Self-talk (4); 'Truth' Communicating effectively 

    -   Self Image and Self Worth, Seeing others in their potential 

    -   Personal mastery- scotoma and self esteem (4) 

    -   Locus of control, Beliefs and their impact on behaviours, Relating beliefs to safety leadership 

    -   Self belief, Positive self talk, How our minds work, Balance Wheel, Making things happen 

    -   Conscious and subconscious thinking 

    -   Circumplex,  Leadership, Self Talk 

    -   All of it! 

    To the question 'How could you apply these concepts to your work?' 

    -   Continue with positive self talk, Help others to identify problems, Remind people of the Vision and Goals and how they apply to their safety, Encourage planning and measurement 

    -   Use various tools and techniques learned to assist in the development of clear goals and development of strategies for effective delivery 

    -   Safety in design - helping people to realize scotomas blind spots) and safety risks that they may not see, In management - helping to realise full potentiual, In family helping children excel and aspire to full potential 

    -   By transferring the core beliefs to my contractors and incorporating them within the programs we deliver 

    -   I will apply constructively asap 

    -   By teaching others 

    -   Mentoring supervisors and QSEs; Anchoring corporate efforts to beliefs and vision 

    -   Ensuring team and colleagues are exposed to thinking 

    -   Driving change, A better and safer workplace 

    -   Influence change 

    -   In every way - at the end of the day we need to focus on building people up 

    To the question 'Are there others within your organisation that you feel would benefit from this program? 

                                               Yes            No 

                                               12               0 

    Who (Groups not individuals)? 

    -   CEO and Executive Leadership Team - presently in the process for the development of a strategy for culture change 

    -   Senior Management; Safety Leaders or Potential Leaders 

    -   Operations, Directors and Regional Managers 

    -   Our whole organisation 

    -   Senior Management 

    -   Staff developing leadership and management skills 

    -   Senior Leaders, Everyone would benefit (5) 

    -   Senior Management; Safety Leaders or Potential Leaders; Everyone 

    -   WE Management; WE Board 

    -   Contractors, HR, H&S